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QRS Ltd is the first choice for many leading companies when specialist management services for JIT and final assembly facilities are required. Managed by an experienced team, QRS has the resources to respond and provide cost effective quality support for our clients.


We specialise in the supply of:

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Quality Management


Quality Management Anchor

With the experience and knowledge of the generic quality function QRS Limited are easily placed to field any quality issue or manage any task.This can be from concept, using the quality tools to aid effective product introduction, through to volume production.

The cost of quality issues has a direct impact on the design of and the capabilities of the production facility to produce components at the required volume and to the specification and quality levels required.
QRS Limited can perform any part of the quality function either on a short or long term basis giving value for money and customer satisfaction.

Managed Site Operations


Managed Site Operations

At QRS Limited we like to take ownership of the tasks assigned to us. This enables us to introduce the processes, disciplines, measures and data collection processes that can be used by the customer to support the problem resolution task, thus helping to improve processes and ensure the customer feels safe that the “firewall” is in place giving protection.

This model can be used at any stage of the supply chain and at any part of the manufacturing process. We can dovetail into your team and collectively we can operate with a clear vision of the end goal.


Whether or not you are geographically close we can take the noise out of the peaks of resource demands by providing an effective and accountable solution.

Inspection and Rework

Inspection and Rework

> Containment & Inspection

> Re-work

> Site based operations

> Quality function outsourcing

> Cost effective solution

> "Firewall" protection

> Short term or long term protection

> Cost model: to suit the business

> Bespoke solution matched by the Business need

QRS Limited is the first choice for many leading companies when specialist quality management services for JIT and final assembly facilities are required. Managed by an experienced team, QRS has the resources to respond immediately to provide cost effective inspection solutions for C&I and rework.


At the core of the QRS business strategy is a reputation for working in partnership to resolve quality issues efficiently and cost effectively. This is where the combined experience of the QRS team really makes a difference in introducing a “Firewall”.


In addition, the audit process and QRS continuous monitoring system will prove invaluable for finding long term solutions to recurring problems.

Liaison Services

Liaison Services

When overseas or far away from your customer our Proactive Liaison Service has major benefits for you. PLS delivers:

> Customer satisfaction: 

A weekly visit whether there are issues or not shows a commitment to the customer

> Customer relationships:

Effective liaison builds a relationship between the site Engineer and the QRS representative of your company

> Early warning of potential problems: 

Formal and informal contacts (particularly at POF) can often head off or reduce the impact of a concern. In addition during a weekly visit QRS will audit line side product on agreed criteria and you will be first to know of any potential problems

> Cost and resource savings: 

Reduces the necessity for you to send your own resource to deal with a concern, better off on your own facility resolving issues and concerns. If you are an overseas supplier this reduces the obvious expense on air fares and hotels and, given today's concerns with air travel reduces the need for frequent overseas travel.

> Submission of Daily Activity Reports, walk through PPAP, control / organise line trials, control / organise C & I

Additional Benefits of Proactive Liaison Services

Review new and old concerns, assist in achieving close out

> Ensure concern is your liability

> Get the full story on new concerns

> Return of sample / faulty parts to enable full understanding of concern

> Digital photographs of concerns

> Ensure concern is not shift-related and that all shifts using/fitting the part are working to their standard Ops

> You have someone visiting the site who is on your side

> You can be proactive by highlighting to the liaison engineer any concerns / issues found in your process that may affect your customer

> You can plan your own visits rather than just react, plus you get the service of the liaison engineer during your visit

> Personal relationships develop which you can consolidate during phone calls and routine visits

> Look after quality issues with a capital Q e.g. logistic issues, packaging concerns, etc.

Concern Management

Concern Management

> Face off to customer

> Training

> On time feedback to the customer

> Concern Progressed to completion

At QRS Limited we have the network and calibre of personnel to manage, field or aid in the process of concern management.

We can offer specific or generic training on the topic either at our offices or on-site at your premises. We can coach your personnel on specific issues and customer requirements.


The general methodology is standard, however certain customers' bespoke paperwork or requirements can be different. Here we can aid you in a support role by completing these documents.

Where QRS are allowed access or have residency we can field the quality concerns raised by the customer with a hands on approach. This will give the customer the confidence that the concern is being managed and that their production will be stabilised, while the data is being collected and work assignments being performed with a view to resolution.

Process Health Checks


Process Health Checks

>  Process Audits

> “Run at rate”

>  Full report

>  Training and coaching

If you need a fresh pair of eyes or some specific expertise on process issues then call QRS Limited. We can provide resource to walk your process, check corresponding documentation and associated functional systems, giving a full report on the process. Actions falling out of the exercise can be facilitated by our personnel, where training is required on the quality tools and methodologies this can also be given.


This service can be introduced at any stage of the production and can include such things as “run at rate”

Reporting and Feedback


Reporting and Feedback

In addition to daily and weekly activity reports which monitor parts per hour and other KPI’s, the QRS data system can provide individually tailored reports for client companies, with an audit trail and visual monitoring system to produce accurate management information from a single source.


QRS issue weekly tracking reports which monitor all aspects of a process, highlighting any area of concern. Our management team will review all assignments with customer and supplier representatives to co-ordinate effective action for timely problem resolution.

> Containment & Inspection

> Re-work

> Storage Solutions

Take the noise away from your customer by using our midlands based unit for your containment, inspection and storage needs.

We have space over two floors and on-site FLT support within our secure location.

If you feel we can assist you with our off-site service then please contact our head office today.

Off-site Inspection

Off-Site Inspection
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